Halloween – Part 1

Alex’s rolling of his ball has progressed to tossing his ball.  It cracks him up to toss his ball towards us and have us roll it back to him.  Here I caught an action shot.  It is kind of hard to tell, but in the second picture, the ball is actually in the air.

The Halloween planning begins.  First, Alex has some cute Halloween pajamas.  I got them used at a consignments sale.  They were totally worth $5.  Don’t you agree?

Then, I thought I had a wonderful costume for Alex.  A friend gave us a purple monster costume a few months ago that is adorable!  I tried it on him a couple of weeks ago and it fit very well.  Unfortunately, when I tried it on him last weekend, I discovered that it is now too small for him.  His feet stick out about 4 inches from the bottom and the hood will no longer pull down fall enough around his face.  Every time he crawls, the bottom snaps come undone.  I went ahead and took some pictures of him in it anyway.  A couple are here and more are under the pictures tab.

Good thing I ordered a back-up costume, right?  Wrong!  The monkey costume that I ordered online from Babies R Us came in, and I am very disappointed with it.  It looks very cheap.  The fabric is thin and flimsy, and it is not half as cute as I thought it would be.  Oh well, too late to take it back now.  More pictures will come soon of Alex is his monkey costume.  Now, we just have to find something to do with him once he is all dressed up on Halloween!  Any ideas?

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