First Week of School

No, Alex didn’t magically age 5 years in the past two weeks.  It was my first week back at school with the students.  That means it was Alex’s first time to stay with someone he is not related to.  My mom is keeping Alex 3 days a week, and a neighbor is keeping him two […]

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Last Week Together

Alex and I have enjoyed our last week together before I am back at work full-time.  Yes, I have had to go into work a lot this month, but this week is officially the week before the students come back.  It is time to make sure all my ducks are in a row and ready […]

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My son was baptized today!  It was a truly wonderful experience.  Once again I have to say how lucky we are to have both sets of grandparents living close enough that they can participate in events like this.  We are truly blessed. Alex was baptized this morning at Saint Barnabas Presbyterian Church.  It is the […]

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So tonight I feel like a bad mother.  Let me explain… Alex is still not technically crawling, but his army crawl has gotten so fast that he can make it from the living room to the kitchen or down the hall in just a few seconds.  James and I have started child-proofing everything.  Cords are […]

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