My son was baptized today!  It was a truly wonderful experience.  Once again I have to say how lucky we are to have both sets of grandparents living close enough that they can participate in events like this.  We are truly blessed.

Alex was baptized this morning at Saint Barnabas Presbyterian Church.  It is the church that I attended since I was born, my parents still attend there, and both my sister and I were baptized there.  The event was made even more special because I was able to use the blanket that was wrapped not only around my sister when she was baptized and me when I was baptized, but was also wrapped around my father when he was baptized.  What a wonderful heirloom!

Alex was pretty well behaved during the church service.  Any noises that he did make were noises of joy.  He did get a little loud during the sermon, but I only had to step out with him for a moment.  Most of the time he was loud during the hymns, but I believe that is just because he likes the music.

During the actual baptism he was very quiet.  He went to Reverend Tom readily and even smiled up at him.  The funny part was that when Rev. Tom was walking around with Alex, Alex decided that was the perfect time to practice his teething skills and chew on Tom’s knuckles.  After the service Tom told us that, that was the first time a child chewed on his fingers during a baptism.  That’s my boy!

Here is my favorite picture from today, but I have added quite a few more under the pictures tab.  Enjoy!

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