Last Week Together

Alex and I have enjoyed our last week together before I am back at work full-time.  Yes, I have had to go into work a lot this month, but this week is officially the week before the students come back.  It is time to make sure all my ducks are in a row and ready for this year’s group of sophomores.

So, what did we do this week?  Since I had to go into work Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday — not much.  We mostly spent the time we had together relaxing at home.  We did get to go swimming with some friends in Richardson.  Here is a picture of us.  There are more under the photos tab.

We also introduced green beans to Alex.  He doesn’t like them as much as sweet potatoes and bananas.  Here is his face after his first bite:

Because he is sitting up so well, I put Alex in his rocking chair for the first time.  You might not know this, but this rocking chair is very special.  It was hand-made by my mother’s grandfather.  My mom used it, her brother and sister used it; my sister and I used it; my three cousins used it; Alex’s older cousin, Bella used it.  And now, it is Alex’s turn.  I have to say it still looks new.

Alex also has a new skill: pulling up!  I have to say I am excited about this one.  He isn’t supposed to be pulling up until he is 9 months old.  I am trying not to get too excited.  I know there are plenty of things that he is “supposed” to do at a certain time that he won’t do on time, but I can’t help but be a little proud of my boy.  Here are some of the various shots of him pulling up on different things:

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