Happy Thanksgiving!

First, let me say sorry for the long absence.  November has been a very busy month for me work-wise.  It has also been a very busy month for Alex.  He took his first step on November 1st!  I wouldn’t technically say that he is walking yet, but he can take 2-6 steps independently depending on how excited he gets.  It has been a ton of fun watching him examine his world from a new angle.

Alex is also trying to imitate more sounds.  He still isn’t associating his sounds with objects, but boy does he talk up a storm!  He has also started imitating other things like smacking his lips, sticking out his tongue, and touching your nose with his finger.

He still loves throwing the ball back and forth.  Alex will also play chase; although, he prefers to be the one being chased rather than the chaser.  In addition, he has started “dancing” to music.  He sways back and forth or bounces up and down depending on the music.  It is adorable.

We went to the Dallas Arboretum this past week with some friends and got some cute pictures.  They still had their pumpkin decorations up and Alex loves playing with pumpkins.

Although Alex has tried a plethora of foods by now, his favorites remain bananas, yogurt, and sweet potatoes.  He got a couple of bites of real mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes today and loved them both!  He also couldn’t seem to get enough food today.  He ate twice what he normally does!  I guess he already understands that food is what Thanksgiving is all about!

Happy Turkey Day, everyone!  See more pictures under the pictures tab.

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