Christmas Eve Fun!

Christmas Eve Day was not only a ton of work for me, but it was fun too.  We got to go over to Mimi’s house and have lunch and open stockings there.  Alex got his very first Christmas present that afternoon.  He wasn’t quite sure what to make of the experience.

Then, Mimi’s wonderful neighbor, Tammy stopped over.  She brought Alex another gift.  It was a fun truck that has a handle so he can carry it and a cow and a pig.  Alex loves it.  It plays “Old MacDonald” and he plays it over and over.

In his stocking from Mimi, Alex got a Texas Rangers’ baseball bat, some socks, and a new toothbrush.  Alex loved it all!

In the evening, we took Alex to his first Christmas Eve service.  He would not sit still!  He loved the singing and making faces at the people in the row behind us, but other than that he just wanted to play.  We kept him quiet as best we could with Cheerios.  He does love his Cheerios!

More pictures under our pictures tab, and the post about Christmas Day coming soon!

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  1. Chritine Scallan says:

    we loved the pictures !! can’t wait till next year we will be going. He is such a beautiful boy !!!!

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