One Year Ago Today…

…Alexander James Brantley was born!  After being in labor since the wee hours of Sunday, January 3rd, he was born on Tuesday, January 5th at 3:43 pm.  I never felt so blessed in my entire life.  James and I both felt like our family was finally complete.  It seems like just yesterday that I spent 5 days in the hospital with Alex, stayed at home with him for 10 weeks, and then began the journey of working full-time and being a mom.

Tonight for his birthday I made him his first meal of macaroni and cheese.  No baby food, no grinder, just real (well, box) macaroni!  I figured since that is my favorite meal, maybe he would like it too.  So, I bought a box of organic mac & cheese,

and well… you can see the results below:

We are going to wait on giving him cake until his birthday party on Saturday.  I can’t wait to see how he reacts!  I am sure I will have a ton of pictures to post after that.  Just wait and see!

It is really hard to fathom that our little boy is a year old.  I just can’t wait for all the further adventures that await us!

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