One Month Old Today!

Okay, I promise that not every post will be about how old Alex is, but I can’t believe that my son is already a month old!  He looks the same to me, but I have had to adjust the straps on the car seat, so I know he has grown at least a little.   I also can’t believe that I have had 4 weeks off of work already.  And that means that unfortunately, that I only have 4 weeks left until I have to go back to work.  🙁

We had our first road trip with Alex two weeks ago.  We took Alex to Plaucheville, Louisiana to meet his relatives there.  Unfortunately, it was not a totally joyous trip.  James’ grandmother passed away and we went for the funeral.  Even though it was a sad occasion, I have to say it was a good trip.  I am thrilled that Alex got to meet his Louisiana relatives and got to spend some time with his MeMe.  I am just sorry I didn’t take any pictures while we were there.

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