July 2012 – Part 3

VACATION – Part 2!

Sleeping in the condo gave Alex a chance to sleep in a big boy bed for the first time.  It was actually a bunk bed.  The ladder actually acted as a railing so that he did not roll out of the bed.  He really enjoyed his bed.

Our days in the condo started off with Alex and I having breakfast and watching Dora while we waited for James to wake up.

On day 3 of our vacation, we drove to Padre Island.  The water at Padre was much more calm, the wind was calmer too, and the beaches were nicer.  The only bad part was all the seaweed in the water, but Alex didn’t let it bother him too much.

For dinner that night, we found a restaurant in Corpus that had a playground out back.  Alex loves playgrounds.  He is even starting to interact with the other kids more.

Our last day started off with the Texas State Aquarium in Corpus.  Watching the dolphin show…

Trying to touch the sting rays…

Looking at the turtles….

Watching the snakes…

After the aquarium, we had lunch at one of the oldest Whataburgers in Corpus.  It is a two-story, A-frame building that overlooks the ocean.  It was fun.

Then we got on the road and headed back to DFW.  We did mange to stop along the way for Dairy Queen, a Texas road-trip tradition.

All in all, I would consider our vacation a success.  Alex really loved the ocean, he behaved well in the car, and I am not so nervous about taking another road trip with him.

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