Alex is 4 months old!  Wow!  I just can’t believe it.  Alex has picked up a couple of new habits recently.  First, he has decided that he wants to suck on his hand.  Yes, you read that right.  Not his thumb, not a finger, but his entire hand.  Occasionally he gets frustrated that his whole hand won’t fit in his mouth and settles for a couple of fingers, must mostly he just keeps trying to fit in his fist.  It is adorable to watch.  I keep trying to catch him with the camera, but whenever I get out the camera he gets fixated on the camera and forgets whatever else he was doing.

Another thing I can’t catch on the camera is his new habit of scooting.  When we place him on his back on his play mat, he is no longer content to stay in one place.  He isn’t trying to roll over or use his hands, but he does arch his back and push with his feet.  He ends up all the way across his mat and onto the carpet.  It seems like all he wants to do is be mobile.

From Alex, James, and me… Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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