Alex is here!

Alexander James Brantley was born on Tuesday, January 5th at 3:43pm.  He weighed 7lbs and 8ozs.  He was 20 and a quarter inches long.  But even more importantly than all the statistics, he is adorable!

I went into early labor around 12:30 on Sunday morning.  After laboring all day at home on Monday, we finally made it into the hospital around 3:30.  After that, all of our original plans went out the window.  I ended up needing a C-section on Tuesday to finally get Alex to come out. Everything went well with the surgery and Alex is a healthy, happy boy.

Enjoy some of our first pictures from the hospital, and I will post more soon!

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  1. Amber says:

    The pix are great! We can’t wait to meet him and have Bella & her great cousin get together for the 1st time! Motherhood looks fabulous on you! Talk to you soon-Amber, Matt & Bella

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