8 Months Old!

On one hand it is hard for me to believe that my son is already 8 months old; on the other hand, just looking at how big he is leaves little room for doubt.  Alex has added two new skills to his repertoire: climbing stairs and cruising.

Technically, he was starting to climb stairs before now, but he never made it past about the first two or three before he decided to sit down causing him to fall backwards into my arms.  Yesterday, however, Alex climbed up eight stairs without even pausing!  Then he turned and sat on the stair he was on without falling backwards.  As scary as it is watching him climb, it makes me feel good that he is learning new things.

He can also cruise now!  For those of you who don’t know what this means, cruising is when a baby can hold onto a piece of furniture and walk around it, or walk from one piece of furniture to another using the furniture for support.  Alex isn’t moving from one piece of furniture to another yet, but he can walk along the coffee table or couch holding on to the edges.

Last week we had to go buy Alex a new car seat.  At 20 pounds, he has outgrown his original one.  He is still in a rear-facing seat because the law says he has to be 20 pounds and 12 months old before he can face front.  So far he still doesn’t mind facing backwards, and as that is safer, I am happy with it too.

Alex also saw his first Dallas Cowboys’ game.  Well, at least he saw the first part of the game before I put him to bed.  We got him the only jersey we could find: Tony Romo.  Of course it is a little big for him, but at least he will be able to wear it for a while.

I have also added more pictures under the pictures tab.  Enjoy!

As to being a working mom, it is still my least favorite part of this whole parenting adventure.  I wish things were different and I could stay home with Alex, but I count my blessings everyday that we are fortunate enough to to have the support of my mom, mother-in-law, and neighbor to take care of Alex.  Thank you all!

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