9 Months Old!

Today my son is 9 months old and we had his nine month check up.  According to his pediatrician, Alex weights 19 pounds and 11 ounces, he is 28 inches high, and his head circumference is 45.72 centimeters.  That puts him in the 30th, 50th, and 60th percentiles respectively.    He also has his first tooth poking through.  It is only a matter of time now!

Alex is the fastest crawler that I have seen!  I swear he is behind me one second and down the hall the next.  I don’t think I understood just how much you have to keep an eye on a baby until now.  He sure does love the fact that he can control where he is and what he is doing too.  Nothing makes him happier than to see me coming to get him and turning around and crawling the opposite direction while laughing.

We have introduced a lot of new foods to Alex this month, and so far he likes most of them.   Some foods he liked initially like squash and eggplant, but now doesn’t seem to care for them so much, while others like prunes he hated at first, but now he can’t get enough of them!  I added new pictures to his web site of some of his first bites.  Enjoy!

I don’t have any new videos to add yet, but here are some pictures of Alex taking a trek up the stairs.  He loves trying to get to Mommy’s plants!  Also, we took him to the park and let him swing for the first time.  There are pictures of that as well.  Just check out his picture tab!

A funny story: I have been trying to get Alex to wave to me for over a month now.  Today, sitting in the lobby at the doctor’s office he all of a sudden decides that now is the time to wave.  Alex started waving at all of the strangers in the lobby one by one.  It made everyone laugh how hard he was trying to get their attention.  Oh well, if he won’t wave to me, at least he is waving!  🙂

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