Bad Blogger

Well, I have been a bad mother and have not been keeping up with my posting on Alex’s web site.  Nor have I been taking as many pictures as I used to do.  I have to admit that this school year is keeping me much busier than the past couple of school years have done.

Alex has not only been surviving day care – he has been thriving.  It took 11 days of him crying and throwing a fit every morning when I dropped him off, and then on the 12th day, he turned around, waved at me, and said, “bye-bye.”  Since that twelfth day, he has whined occasionally when dropped off, but mostly he just starts playing with the lady who is there for early morning drop-offs.

When I go to pick Alex up in the afternoons, he has to run around and hug his teacher, the morning lady, and both managers before he’ll let me take him home.  I would definitely say he is enjoying himself.

And, he is also learning.  After only being in daycare for a month, he can already recognize and name a few of his letters.  The only thing I am worried about is that he is losing his sign language.  I knew it would happen, but it still makes me sad.  I also thought that when he started losing his sign, he would start talking more, but he really hasn’t picked up many new words lately.  His pediatrician said that by the time he is two years old, he should be speaking 200 words.  That seems crazy to me!  He just turned 20 months, and he still doesn’t have much more than 27 words.  He better start speaking in a hurry if he is going to make 200 in the next 4 months!

Since I haven’t taken many pictures lately, I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the artwork Alex has been making at daycare.  More pictures soon!

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