Daycare Update

We survived!  Alex and I both survived his first day at daycare.  Woohoo!

I woke Alex up this morning and told him it was his first day of school.

I got him dressed, and he still seemed excited.

We loaded ourselves into the car,

and we arrived at the daycare center.

When Alex and I arrived in his classroom, we found out that his teacher was out sick, so he had a substitute on his first day.  She seemed very nice, but hopefully we will meet his teacher tomorrow.  As Alex gawked at the kids and toys spread out before him, I managed to slip out the door.

I worried about him all day, but managed to keep busy at work.  The lady who runs the daycare recommended that I not pick him up until after nap time at three.  So, promptly at three o’clock I pulled up to the daycare to pick up my son.  They told me that he cried some when he noticed I was gone, and he cried again and asked for me at naptime.  Other than that, they said he did very well.  I wanted to take another picture of him when I picked him up, but as soon as I got in range to take a picture, he saw me, burst into tears, and sprinted across the floor.  There was no chance to take a picture.  He stopped crying after making sure that I wasn’t going anywhere without him, and he even managed to say “bye-bye” to his teacher and friends.

All in all, I have to say it was a successful first day.  Here’s hoping that the rest of the week will go as smoothly.  🙂

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