June 2012 – Part 1

I have so many pictures for June, that I am going to split this month into two different posts.

We got Alex a Big Wheel this month, but we might have been a little hasty.  He loves “riding” his new bike, but he can’t get the pedals to work be himself.  He needs help unless he is going downhill.

We discovered a great place to eat with Alex.  Central Market has a great play area for kids outside.  Alex loves it!  Plus, on Tuesdays, kids eat free.  You can’t beat that!

Here are some random pictures of Alex eating out this month.  I love catching him in different poses.

For Father’s Day we had everyone to our place again.  I am really liking the tradition of having family over to our house for both Mother’s and Father’s Day.  It gives Alex lots of time with his grandparents and he can run around with them instead of having to sit still in a restaurant.

Me and my daddy!

We took Alex to It’z Pizza for the first time this month.  For those of you who don’t know, it is similar to Chuck E. Cheese Pizza, but it is closer to our house.  Alex had a blast and loved running around, but I have to say that the food was horrible.  You don’t expect great pizza, but it was much worse than Chuck E. Cheese or any other pizza I have had.  I do not know if we will go back or not.

To end this first post on June, here are some random pictures from the month.  Here he is watching Totoro for the first time:

Watching Buffy for the first time:

Reading a comic book on the way back from the comic book store:

Walking around the neighborhood:

And lastly, I was cleaning out a bag of my old childhood things and found a Mickey Mouse nightgown that I used to wear when I was little.  Alex saw it and claimed it immediately.  He loves wearing it to sleep.  He is definitely my boy:

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